IPMEThe International Port Management Enterprise is the leading container retail provider and building developer. IPME is accessible to the public for new shipping containers and used shipping containers for sale, as well as chassis.We specialize in creating homes, event configurations, working and living spaces, as well as any other container based conceptions. IPME prides itself in providing its customers with the best service, price, and quality. Our unassailable pricing, speedy delivery, and consistently dependable customer service sets us aside from the competition.

We offer our services in Orange County, Los Angeles, Orlando, Oakland, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Savanna, Memphis, New York, Charlotte, San Diego, Atlanta, Miami, and many more locations across the United States. We also provide services in over 30 countries worldwide including Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Argentina, Peru Brazil, France, Chile, and Finland.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will happily provide you with your storage, chassis, and container modification needs!